New collaboration with Anaerobic Digestor Research and Education Centre (ADREC) at MSU via Bridge Program

I am thrilled to begin a new collaboration with Dr. Dana Kirk and the researchers at the Anaerobic Digestor Research and Education Center at Michigan State University (ADREC) . They will be working with me on the design for the new anaerobic digestor sculptures I am making to house the bacteria, archea and bacteriophages as part of the “Wastelands” project.   The researchers at ADREC are working on engineering a variety of different biogas generators- both large and small scale- for agricultural industry and also as affordable alternative fuel for various  communities around the world. One project is also focused on building affordable DIY digestors for high school students to use.

The Wastelands project features very small and portable custom made biogas generator sculptures made of glass and various bioplastics.  Because of the size and portability of the sculptures the structural engineering used in the building of the art pieces is important to prevent combustion and/or gas leaks when exhibited in public.  The researchers at ADREC are also working with me to identify microbial communities that will be in the substrate used to fuel the biogas generator and how they interact with Ecoli bacteria to produce methane gas used to power led lights and create volume for inflatables.